Leverage Models

Makes secular folk songs about transubstantiation.
With rototoms.

Debut LP: Oct 1, 2013

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If pics are worth bushels of words

I have been saying most of my non-musical saying on Instagram. It’s leveragemodels, if you are inclined to browse signifiers in this way.

Explanations are tedious and boring. Some people want them. This is what you want, this is what you get. &c.

Here is a rather long interview that will appear in short, edited form, in the spring issue of Deli NY Magazine. You can read the entire unedited version here.

Topics/questions addressed:

(1) “the 80’s thing”,

(2) why Leverage Models is “folk” music

(3) Why we might all be better off separating the concepts of pop music and art; why you and your band are unoriginal and you should be okay with that

(4) why is freedom so tedious and boring

(5) why all the collaborators

(6) who cares about your fucking farm, anyway

(7) calling bullshit on the maxim that good art is timeless.    

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It’s album time……..
see you later….

Night Falls On The General Assembly

Paste Magazine just premiered our latest video, a short piece directed by Alex Lubliner, with visual effects and editing by William Zoe Fitzgerald (and with homage paid Peter Ravn’s album artwork). It’s dedicated to the crisis of authority, the failures of your once favorite institutions, teenage mob logic, white men foreign to doubt, and the ever popular gang war dance-off vibe sadly missing from popular films and videos today. Kids today. It made us giggle, it creeped us out, it rattled our nerve endings, and felt more or less right for the song. Confusion, spontaneous samba, nightmares (the real kind that make no sense in the waking hours, not the Hollywood variety) and laughter are welcome and acceptable responses. It’s your body, but you are scarcely as in charge of it as you think. Here’s a love letter to doubt. 

Upcoming Shows (Brooklyn only)

5/22/14 - Audiofemme presents @ Cameo Gallery (with Weeknight, Long Arms): Click HERE for tickets, details

6/14/14 - Deli Magazine presents at Northside Festival @ Spike Hill (with WOLVVES, oddlogic, Twintapes, Zula, Nicholas Nicholas, Psychic Twin & Space Meow) ~ LM set time is 10pm

** Having been on the road for the past two months, we’re hiding from the summer sun and working hard on the next record(s). Shows after these will be fewer and further between. Probably.

Recorded the morning after our show at Savannah Stopover festival in early March. No sleep and sick with a respiratory infection, this was one of the songs I could croak out. But we also like this song. I also apologize for being under-dressed. ~ shannon


4/15 - Bottletree, Birmingham, AL %

4/16 - 529 Club, Atlanta, GA %

4/17 - Do317 Lounge, Indianapolis, IN %

4/18 - Mike n’ Molly’s, Champaign-Urbana %

4/19 - The Firebird Lounge, St. Louis, MO  %

4/22 - The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL  %

4/22 - Daytrotter Session, Rock Island, IL

4/23 - The Drake Hotel, Toronto, ON  %

4/24 - Cabaret Underworld, Montreal, QC  % 

5/22 - Cameo, Brooklyn, NY - Audiofemme party, w/ Weeknight

w/ Pompeya

SPRING TOUR PRESS / Reviews, Interviews, &c.

We spent all of March on the road. Here are some things people said and saw. We will be out for another few weeks beginning April 15th. 

 Audiofemme / Brooklyn, NY - Band of the Month

(“like being in a brand new, exotic and densely stimulating city… the album bears so little comparison to anything else in its category, finding the songs’ trajectories requires enough listening to get past just being dazzled by the bright lights and shiny metals”)


Brightest Young Things / Washington, D.C.

ridiculously fun…intoxicating”


Urban Outfitters / Austin, TX

(“one of our favorite bands”): http://blog.urbanoutfitters.com/blog/uo_music_sxsw_with_leverage_models

Gaper’s Block / Chicago, IL

(“[Leverage Models] held a unique grandness over the crowd…energetic and inspired…ecstatic… I’m sure most people came specifically to see Son Lux, but Leverage Models left their exciting set with a lot of new fans cheering for more.”): http://gapersblock.com/transmission/2014/03/27/son_lux_and_leverage_models_give_it_their_all_at_schubas/

Unrecorded / Chicago, IL

(“exuberant, complex… it went too quickly, leaving the audience wanting more”)


dig Boston / Boston, MA

(“Fields was a tent revival Fury, wailing and crooning… the music conjured a danceable commentary on human struggle through personal and corporate corruption”):


Under the Gun / Boston, MA

(“Leverage Models put out their debut LP a couple months ago, but the four men rode their set out with the certainty of musicians who have long been in the game”)


INDYweek / Raleigh/Durham, NC

(“updaters of grand synthpop traditions, with reflective textures and racing rhythms pushing up hooks like mountain peaks. Dramatic and arching”)

(no link - print only)

Folio Weekly / Jacksonville, FL

(“Churning, synthesized electronics flow over pounding drumroll and anxiety-inducing guitar feedback… Shannon Fields tangos his away up and down the stage while recounting the majesty of our Wells Fargo and Bank of America buildings… an entertaining assault on the senses”):


Quip Magazine / Toronto, ON



The Indie Blender / Toronto, ON

(“energetic and entertaining…[the] singer reminded me of Edward Norton circa Fight Club with his disheveled suit”):


Concert Confessions / St. Louis, MO



Encor.es / St. Louis, MO



Arts Extract / Madison, WI

(“pop that’s lush and busy but relentlessly taut. Leader Shannon Fields (also of Stars Like Fleas) gives it all a slightly sinister edge with the disciplined, never-too-cushy arrangement and cryptic lyrics, but that never tamps down the glimmer of the synths or the exuberance of the roto-toms”)


You’re Welcome Savannah / Savannah, GA

(photos only)


Posture Magazine / Savannah, GA

(“I fell in love”)


WHUS (SXSW Diary) / University of Connecticut in Austin, TX

(“a funky, groovy, 80s harkening space oddity…The performance was fantastic and vibrant and the lead singer even said he had laryngitis”)


The Michigan Daily / Detroit, MI

(“expansive and infectious…impressive”)


Real Detroit Weekly / Detroit, MI

([Recommended] “bizarre, dreamily ambient sounds coupled with energetic beats will have you smiling and dancing in no time”)


Holus Bolus Indie / ??

(“[Recommended] one of the few things that have broken me out of my 2048 induced haze”)


Huffington Post / USA

(“this … just crushes it and I don’t use that term lightly” – Jon Chattman, A-Sides video session)


Philly.com / Philadelphia, PA

(“terrific… convulsively energetic”)



1. In Champaign-Urbana, onstage, you read lines of graffiti taken from the bathroom wall at Mike N’ Molly’s. I’m arguing with a friend about whether or not you read his. Which ones were they?

Fortunately I wrote them down and can help ensure that either you or your friend are victorious over the other in your blood feud:

a) “Once when I was a young man, I found a  dark secret”

b) “You don’t look that good”

c) “So much beauty, minus booby”

d) “Whoremonger rocks”

e) “You can’t go to church if your name is Tardshit”

f) “Stop living under the weight of regret”

2. When I saw you in Chicago, you sang lyrics at the beginning of The Least Of Your Brothers that were not in the recorded version. What were they?

"This is how it goes. This is how you leave a family behind. Evolution begs your mouth for violence, homely boys…wise, but lonely girls: go"

3. I’ve seen that you’re from Missouri, or from Brooklyn, and at the show you said you were from some rural town in New York….why do you lie about where you’re from?

I’m convinced our heads would all come unpeeled without our origin myths, I’m just trying to help. But I can’t lie to your face, I realize you need to get to the heart of truth in order to go on another day. I live in a small rural town in upstate NY and most of my band reside in Brooklyn. I’m from the midwest originally. This is how you leave. 



Live - Tour Dates

Spring tour begins today. Click link for dates. Additional dates will be added in April. See you.